May 3, 2008

Garden: Spiderwort flower

From the garden....

Spiderwort is a hardy plant in the garden. The blooms are blue in the case of our plants but, there are many species. The flowers open early in the morning and are a nice sight with that morning cup of coffee.

The pro- Plants can be cut down and within a week or so they are up again and blooming. The spiderwort is known as a cut and come again type of plant.

The con- Spiderwort plants spread. A cluster may grow in a nice tended flower bed and then a stray will pop up 10-15ft away. So be specific when placing these wild growers in the garden.

We came to have Spiderwort flowers by pass along plants. Pass along plants are usually well established growers and will do well in a new garden. The best part of getting pass along plants is that with each plant or flower come memories of the person who gave it to you.

A dear friend gave me these plants when we moved to our new home more than 15 years ago. I will always remember her and the lovely garden she grew.

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