September 24, 2010

Grape Ape and a look back at the 1970’s

Why am I thinking of the 70’s today? Maybe I miss the simple times. Maybe I need more oxygen to the brain. Do you remember where you were or what you were doing during the 70’s?

The Cartoons


The Grape Ape was a completely mindless piece of entertainment. Back then, I loved him. Now, I think the theme song could possibly cause a brain hemorrhage.

Droopy!  A canine classic. He was the happiest dog around, right?

Fun wear from the 70’s!

This was one of my favorite Tees.

Don’t forget the shoes! 



Platform shoes! The wearable weapons.

And the big bells!


Source: Microsoft

What about Bell Bottoms? Some were way out there!

Music! This is a TRIP!  Loving some 70’s sounds!

This post was inspired by a dented mind and the fact that I just don’t get the cartoons that my kids watch, the choices they make in the clothing department or the music they are always plugged into enjoy. And it’s ok.

I encourage their creative differences and force them to go shopping. When it comes to the ear buds we have developed a communication plan. The plan is sort of a combination of sign language, charades (airline traffic controller), and a little hand to head contact!  It works for us!

So what moves you today? What’s your flavor? Slang from the day! If you’re hip you’ll check it out!


September 3, 2010

Battle of the Bulge

Gone Home - Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder

Battle of the Bulge (1944-45) A great tribute!

More amazing photos and paintings can be found here.

September 1, 2010

Ice cream cakes are the sweetest!

Yeah! Cake! A birthday cake I made for our daughter. It was so very yummy! This recipe can be adapted to fit many dietary needs. Enjoy!

Easy as Pie Ice Cream Cake
Making an ice cream cake at home is very simple. These easy to follow directions will have you enjoying a cool and refreshing treat very soon!
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Happy September and Emma M. Nut Day!

September 1 - Today is Emma M. Nut Day (real name;couldn't have made it up. Poor child!) See for yourself. Emma was the first female telephone operator for the Bell Telephone Company. Before Nut made her first connection the lines were managed by teenage boys. We all know what has happened to our friendly and rude phone operators. -----Ring!!! What city?....What listing? I'm sorry I'm not sure I got that...What city? Automated operators and answering services DRIVE ME MAD!

September 11: Make Your Bed Day. Really! That's a relief, whew!! I'm not going to make another bed until that day. I want it to be a real special day at our house! Do they make a card for this day? Maybe a wall banner? Wait...I don't want to know.

September 30: National Mud Pack Day. Ahhh! This sounds like a nice treat. Now to decide - go to the spa or make your own. Hmm. I'd pick the spa. I do make my own facial mask occasionally. It's comes in a shell, is kept in the fridge and is always handy. A fresh egg. Beat the egg white, apply it to face and let it dry. With a warm towel wash face and enjoy! A source for make your own facials can be found here.

Note to self: Putting off making one particular bed (not calling anyone out) in this household could possibly yield the required amount of sand needed to make at least one beauty treatment! Smile, I love freebies!

September is a month to plan or tighten up plans for some. What will we do for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas? Christmas is in three months...yes, count them, WOW! Plan: Make lists.

You can countdown to Christmas here and email Santa! Fun!

Enjoy September while it last! Now, where did I put those stuffing recipes?