August 24, 2009

Enhancing Pic of a drawing.

Who's hands are in your cookie jar? Learning to enhance my art work with Having fun! This is one of my original graphite drawings that has been distorted.

August 23, 2009

Two of my favorite things: baking cookies (peanut butter) and collecting Cinderella nesting bowls, Amish Farmer pattern.
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New- Live,Love Laugh T-shirt

Live, love and laugh. A good motto to live by. This shirt was made using a color resist technique. Items used to make this project include: black t-shirt, duct tape, scotch tape, magazines, coins, bleach and vinegar. A great idea and fun!
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August 19, 2009

Magazine stool

What do you get when you're finished reading all of those magazines? A stool. This one is made of six magazines total ( the best paper page quality, can you guess which mag?) Trimmed with denim and topped with padding made from cotton fabric and cording. This was a fun project to make. Tiger, my trusty assistant, is inspecting the final outcome. She approves!

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Artsy Craftsy! Pillow

Sewing: I collect all sorts of materials and fabrics. Some are vintage fabrics that I love to recycle, bring new life into. So, this is one of the latest items. A garden pillow. It's fun and whimsical!
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August 15, 2009

Chattahoochee Chair

New tools are a great thing! This is one of many projects I hope to make. I wanted a chair that was easy to make, as I am a beginner woodworker. Also, I wanted it to be easy to move and comfortable either on the lawn or deck. Here is what I found when I went on a search for the pattern I would need. Thanks to Southern Pine.

August 13, 2009

Calling Mr. Sunshine!

This is one of my favorite photos of week. A red sunflower potted on my deck! The shadow of the sunflower sets it off. Shadows are a footprint of a moment in time. Rain, Rain and more of it for this week. So, waiting for the next sunny day!

August 11, 2009

Moon and Stars watermelon

This is the first of five Moon and Stars watermelons growing out back. I've never had much luck growing melons. This has to be the best attempt. Yes, this melon is small, approximately 8lbs. They should grow to be about 20 lbs. I cut this one because it had all signs, except size of being ripe. The fruit was a light red, probably slightly over grown. The taste, sweet and delicious.