May 3, 2008

Purple Leaf Plum tree

From the landscape....

We have four Purple Leaf plum trees as part of our landscape. Here are a few pics which show 3 of these trees, which are all in different stages of growth. The potted tree, or container plant, is an experiment in growth and is in the 3rd year of growth. It was transplanted to this container last year.

A container plant on the back deck.

This purple leaf plum was grown in a container and planted last year. This is at the 4th year of growth.

All photos by J J Fields

This is the "momma tree" which we originally purchased from a garden shop. This tree is approximately 8 years old. This tree has given us many "babies" that are transplanted in the spring to small garden pots or containers. They make great pass along plants to my family.

For more information on the Purple Leaf Plum tree try this source:

wikipedia - purple leaf or cherry plum

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