April 30, 2008

Blackberries are blooming

A few weeks ago when the wild blackberries, along the roadside, were beginning to fill out, with thick green leaves and tiny buds, it was getting hot here in Camden. From lessons learned along the way in childhood I found this growth to be an early sign that we are in for a very hot summer.

This is a blackberry plant from our back garden. Ours are young plants that have somehow managed to survive a novice gardener. There are only 4 plants total and this is the 3rd year, for these plants, growing in poor soil. We have added peat moss and other organic enhancements to the garden but we have fought a battle with dry, sandy, clay soil. These efforts may payoff this year with our first home grown fruit on these blackberry bushes.

Photo copyright © 2008 J J Fields

Today with the wee morning hours came "Blackberry Winter", Now I'm really excited to see what the wild roadside crop will produce this year and hoping to get a handful from the back garden.

Read, How-to Grow Blackberries , to easily add this plant to the garden.

I found the definition of blackberry winter here.

April 15, 2008

Summer Vacations and Festivals

Now is the time some people plan summer vacations or get-aways. Well ,we are some of those people. Always wanting to plan way in advance and never actually doing it. I like hokey little town festivals and craft fairs. The can be a lot of fun and not so hard on the purse. Maybe I'll include one or both of those with this years vacation.

April 11, 2008

Beautiful flowers on a sunny Day

It was beautiful out yesterday so, I couldn't resist the call of the wild and spent a good bit of time wondering around shooting pictures of nature and the landscape. The landscape around me is an ever on-going project. Check out this Azalea.

A gift I received for Valentine's Day one year. It has been a colorful addition in the yard since.

April 7, 2008

Family Day Trip

A day trip to Goodale State Park, Camden SC brings great family fun. What we found was plenty of sunshine, even though the ground was a little wet from the heavy rains we've had the last few days, and a perfect place to picnic, fish and just hang-out with the family.

One of the nature trails provided a beautiful and peaceful journey around part of this 140 acre lake, which was a civil-war era mill pond according to the information posted upon entry.

The cypress trees stand tall while their feet are sunk deep into this amazing lake. One treat was finding a large quantity of tadpoles. Tadpoles are a kid magnet because they are little, black and squirmy.

Of course my interest is photography and I was able to get some great shots including this lovely photo of the lake.

After a round of boccie ball it was time to head home until our next outing at this fine park.

photo © 2008 JJ Fields

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April 5, 2008

One Red House of Birds

A well used bird house is a lovely thing. As seen around the entry hole of this house there are nicks and scratches. The occupants apparently widened the hole over time. This bird house is located out in the back woods of our home. We check on it when we're out hiking or roaming, otherwise it remains undisturbed.

This beauty was made by my parents and given to use many years ago. It has held up well even the paint job. I love to attract birds to my yard. So now that spring has arrived it's time for the feeders and houses to get a spring cleaning, too. I'm also looking forward to having hummingbirds in the yard again!

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April 2, 2008

Vinca Blooming Now!

Photo © JJ Fields 2008

A little purple vinca has shown up for spring in the garden. Another sign of the earth renewing itself.
How beautiful.
Read more about Vinca plants here.
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