June 25, 2010

Playing with cats - The wet ones!

                    Bath time for the felines.

This is Tiger.
Before bath. She's a happy cat!

After bath. Not so happy!

Much later. Recovered and dancing to the music!
A very happy Tiger!

This is Bus.
Before bath. She is always hungry!

After bath. Hmm..not hungry!

Clean and fed. A happy Bus!

June 13, 2010

on the road

A family. A car. A picnic. Road trip to...

                                 Georgia Guidestones

images source: Joy Peterson

 This huge granite structure is located in Elberton, Ga. in farm country! Elberton, the "Granite Capital Of The World", showcases a great example of stone works in this monument. More stimulating information on granite, it's use and history awaits at Elberton Granite Museum. Some of the oldest, largest and most amazing headstones can be found in Elberton County.The best headstone I saw was a replica of a tree.

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More on the guidestones can be found here
The Message of the Georgia Guidestones

June 9, 2010

just me and a tree...

Here's a peek at the latest progress of my TreeA art project. I know it may not stand out, but there has been change. I've worked on this for some time now. Little by little this tree is growing! Art is great therapy for what ails you!

June 2, 2010

Day and Night

June 1, 2010

Three Sister Garden...growing.


I'm an amateur gardener at best. That's OK!  All the areas that we garden are hand worked. Shovel and hoe are my tools of choice for many projects. See the shovel just standing in wait! Happy Gardening!    

                                                      Close up of two sister hills.
  Corn, beans and squash planted to support each other and grow in harmony.