May 20, 2008

Is that a huge bee? Or what?

While having that first cup of morning Joe today, I saw what I thought to be the biggest bumble bee I've ever seen! I admit I was not fully awake; it takes more than a sip or smell of coffee to get me going in the a.m.

I looked out of the kitchen window and there it was a big, black insect type butt hovering over the white carnation grass that grows so beautifully below the back deck. Or, what I thought was an insect butt.

The entirety of my morning visitor was hidden beyond the deck boards, except it's back side. Oh, and I have to say the eyes are older than they used to be, not to mention the size of the cobs webs wrapped around my brain early in the morning.
Well, it only took a second and the huge bee like "insect" became clearer! Yes, it was the first humming bird I've seen this season. I was so excited!

I have been eagerly awaiting their arrival, as I'm sure many people have. The colors, flight and personalities of these feathered jewels are amazing!
I filled the feeder and I'm waiting for the birds to decide that they like it maybe as much as the bright flowers growing around our home.

This is a colored pencil drawing of a hummingbird in purple by me. I like to draw in graphite and now am experimenting with colored pencil. Here is Flower with butterfly that I've done in graphite; this is an early piece.

May 17, 2008

JJ's Treasures: A new shop

We have a new shop with products made from our original art and photographs.
Come visit my store on CafePress!

Stock and quantities are limited at this time as we have just opened and are adding products.

May 13, 2008

My EarthBox garden log

This is a picture of my Earthbox. The Earthbox (brand name) is a contained growing system. Go here to find out more.
This is the second year using this box and no I do not follow the kit to specifics, I fit it in my way. Last year I grew an amazing Blue Potato Bush and red okra in it and had the best results I've had gardening. This year (photo above) I have planted corn and sunflowers. So here goes another season of growth!

May 5, 2008

This beautiful yellow rose was open and greeting me this morning! A great view with the first cup of coffee.
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May 3, 2008

Purple Leaf Plum tree

From the landscape....

We have four Purple Leaf plum trees as part of our landscape. Here are a few pics which show 3 of these trees, which are all in different stages of growth. The potted tree, or container plant, is an experiment in growth and is in the 3rd year of growth. It was transplanted to this container last year.

A container plant on the back deck.

This purple leaf plum was grown in a container and planted last year. This is at the 4th year of growth.

All photos by J J Fields

This is the "momma tree" which we originally purchased from a garden shop. This tree is approximately 8 years old. This tree has given us many "babies" that are transplanted in the spring to small garden pots or containers. They make great pass along plants to my family.

For more information on the Purple Leaf Plum tree try this source:

wikipedia - purple leaf or cherry plum

Garden: Spiderwort flower

From the garden....

Spiderwort is a hardy plant in the garden. The blooms are blue in the case of our plants but, there are many species. The flowers open early in the morning and are a nice sight with that morning cup of coffee.

The pro- Plants can be cut down and within a week or so they are up again and blooming. The spiderwort is known as a cut and come again type of plant.

The con- Spiderwort plants spread. A cluster may grow in a nice tended flower bed and then a stray will pop up 10-15ft away. So be specific when placing these wild growers in the garden.

We came to have Spiderwort flowers by pass along plants. Pass along plants are usually well established growers and will do well in a new garden. The best part of getting pass along plants is that with each plant or flower come memories of the person who gave it to you.

A dear friend gave me these plants when we moved to our new home more than 15 years ago. I will always remember her and the lovely garden she grew.

Find more on spiderwort flowers here.