April 30, 2008

Blackberries are blooming

A few weeks ago when the wild blackberries, along the roadside, were beginning to fill out, with thick green leaves and tiny buds, it was getting hot here in Camden. From lessons learned along the way in childhood I found this growth to be an early sign that we are in for a very hot summer.

This is a blackberry plant from our back garden. Ours are young plants that have somehow managed to survive a novice gardener. There are only 4 plants total and this is the 3rd year, for these plants, growing in poor soil. We have added peat moss and other organic enhancements to the garden but we have fought a battle with dry, sandy, clay soil. These efforts may payoff this year with our first home grown fruit on these blackberry bushes.

Photo copyright © 2008 J J Fields

Today with the wee morning hours came "Blackberry Winter", Now I'm really excited to see what the wild roadside crop will produce this year and hoping to get a handful from the back garden.

Read, How-to Grow Blackberries , to easily add this plant to the garden.

I found the definition of blackberry winter here.

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