January 11, 2010

How to Declutter in 4 Easy Steps - Photos - SouthernLiving.com

It all started with packing away Christmas decorations. Feeling overwhelmed with the whole task at hand only made me think of other areas in my home that need to be decluttered. All of this clutter didn't happen overnight and the declutter process will take time.
You never think you have enough closet space until it's time to face the contents and decide to throw away, give away, or put away ( in a more organized fashion). I'd also forgotten how large some of my closets are, especially the one I chose to start this decluttering process. Results today: Items to give away-6 larges bags, 2 boxes and one rug! After cleaning the closet I got the kids involved and started going through toys/games. Some of the results today include their findings. We will be donating these items to a local charity. Thanks to my husband who deals with the garbage generated through cleaning out.
So as with any mission searching the Internet helps me. Sometimes I find tips, ideas, or get inspiration to keep plowing through. Here is one click that helped me with this project.
How to Declutter in 4 Easy Steps - Photos - SouthernLiving.com

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