April 7, 2008

Family Day Trip

A day trip to Goodale State Park, Camden SC brings great family fun. What we found was plenty of sunshine, even though the ground was a little wet from the heavy rains we've had the last few days, and a perfect place to picnic, fish and just hang-out with the family.

One of the nature trails provided a beautiful and peaceful journey around part of this 140 acre lake, which was a civil-war era mill pond according to the information posted upon entry.

The cypress trees stand tall while their feet are sunk deep into this amazing lake. One treat was finding a large quantity of tadpoles. Tadpoles are a kid magnet because they are little, black and squirmy.

Of course my interest is photography and I was able to get some great shots including this lovely photo of the lake.

After a round of boccie ball it was time to head home until our next outing at this fine park.

photo © 2008 JJ Fields

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