March 9, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day...

Early wishes!

Isn't this the most beautiful picture.?

I love green. The greens of our natural Earth.

I don't really care for celebrating St. Patricks day, however. I recall as a school-aged child other children could be cruel, with all the pinching that went on, all day, if you were unlucky and didn't wear green.

One year a sweet old teacher would not have this nonsense in her classroom. She set about with tape and a sheet of green construction paper and by the end of her rounds every one in class had his/her chest adorned with "green". End of pinching!

The worst was when Mom dressed me head to toe in green, that awful green striped top. Going off to school looking like a piece of green pepperment candy was not good. Oh My!

On the look out here for spring, for sure!

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