March 20, 2010

A new kitty in our home

From J J Fields photo gallery
This is our new kitten, Bus. She is a domestic short hair with a yellow / orange coat. We think she's about four months old. She's loves to curl up and nap on this pillow. Here, in this picture, I've obviously interrupted her sleep time. It was such a sweet moment I had to snap a photo.

A few weeks ago, as I was washing dishes, I heard a disturbing little squeaky noise. I blamed it on a board in our kitchen floor that has started to squeak when walked on, which happened to be in front of the sink. With a little investigation we discovered that this odd squeaking sound did not match the harmony coming from the floor, but from a tiny, fury, creature on our deck. 

It was sleeting, snowing and very cold out the night we found her.  My children were very happy with the weather as it meant no school and a fun time. But it would be morning before they could begin their snow day. Now this kitten had their attention. It was very late and dark and now we had to decide what to do. I was very worried that she would not survive.

Shaking, scared and with ice hanging from her fur she waited. Tucked under the porch rocker in the dark shadows she looked out at us. The noise coming from her was a sad little attempt at meowing. She was so weak and hungry she barely had a voice.  First, she needed food. Knowing she wouldn't come to me for help, but rather would scurry away when I opened the door, I put a can of food out by the rocker. Instantly she was back once I was inside and no longer a threat. The kitten nearly ate the food tin she was so hungry.

We were unable to get her to come to us or catch her that night. I felt bad that she would have to fair through another bitter night. As soon as I was up and in the the kitchen making coffee I heard her. The awful little "meeeek" noise was just a little louder this morning. We would get another chance to help change her life today.

The weather had cleared and the morning was bright. There she was in the same place hovering under the rocker. Still shaking, squeaking and so pitiful she stood waiting for something to happen. I was determined she would come in today so I could check her and she what we could do for her. I took and old t-shirt and some cat food outside. While she was distracted I tossed the shirt over her and was able to gently catch her up and cover her with the shirt. She was soaking wet with frozen bits of fur. She was so weak she didn't even try to put up a fight.

Later inside, warm and dry, she ate more food. Timidly watching us as she ate like it would be her last. Then once her appetite was satisfied she dashed under the china cabinet. She stayed there for two days only to come out to eat and use the litter box.  After enough interaction with us she settled and became a friendly little kitty. We named her, Bus.

Bus, had an injury to her mouth and her walk was unbalanced. With some TLC and vet care she has come a long way. Healthier, happier and now safe she is bonding with our family and Tiger has decided that they might be able to get along.  Meow!

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