March 25, 2010

The garden and the Earth Box

I like to dig in dirt! I've tried for many years to have small gardens. The typical veggie plants or raised bed gardens is my standard. I still try to have a little garden out back but now I've increased the amount of container gardening on the deck.

It's our second season with the Earth Box garden. To date I've planted lettuce, carrots and cucumbers together in the EB. I'm beginning to see fine sprouts of lettuce! My EB was a thrift store find. I didn't know what it was when I first saw it, a heap of terracotta plastic and metal pipes in a cardboard box. After I checked it out closer I knew it was not your average flower container since there was a water reservoir and watering pipe. So for 4.99 I couldn't leave it in the store. I'm so glad I bought it and wish that it hadn't been late summer when I did. This is the easiest and cleanest container gardening I've ever done!

Last year we grew cucumbers and spaghetti squash (my kids favorite) and picked many cucumbers and six or seven squash. This is the first spring planting. I'm excited to see what the EB gives me! For more on the EB this article is a good read. Vegetable Patch Vs. Earth Box Garden Guides

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