February 9, 2010

Fush has breakfast!

Having fish for breakfast has a different meaning at our house. It means that it's "feed" time for the family fish. His name is Fush. He has been with us since spring of last year when he came home with hubby and son after one of their fishing trips. Fush, thinks he should eat when we eat!

He's come to understand, however, that I'm not the one who feeds him, although I'm the first one up around here in the a.m. I walk through the livingroom to the kitchen in the morning in seach of the coffee pot and he spots me. He continues to watch me, slowly he moves to the corner of his tank and stares me down. He watches as I stumble through making coffee and feeding the cat while I simlutanuously rub the sleep from my eyes. I see him. Watching.
Fush must wait until hubby wakes up to have breakfast. Why? Because he's hand fed and gets more attention before 10 a.m. than I do. Yes, the fish eats people food. His breakfast is sliced bits of turkey or ham. Hubby, painstakingly, cuts these items into "worm" shapes. This is a clip of Fush enjoying his eats!

From JJ's Big Green Blog

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