August 6, 2010

Ugly oil spill cake

                                                                   Let's eat cake!

I'm the luckiest, and at the same time the most cursed, girl for having married a man with a insatiable sweet tooth! My husband will say, "Did you know tomorrow is President's Day? Can we have cake?" or, "Did you know that five years ago we ate lunch for the first time at Fat Joe's. You were wearing your favorite color, green. Can we have cake?" So, you get the point any day is cake day in his world.

His latest request, and even this one threw me, was for an oil spill cake. A what? The husband says, "You know, a cake with oil spilling out and over the side." Sure, I reply.  I'm sure I've seen that one before! NOT! He has OD on news and information floating around on this greasy topic and that's reason enough to eat cake! Anyway, I attempted to please him, even if it was only with a box of cake mix and canned icing. He liked it. He (with the help of two greedy kids and yours truly) ate it. It's all gone.

                      Here is the photo documentation of the unfortunate but delectable OIL SPILL CAKE

I cut the center from the top layer, put the two layers together and iced the entire cake with canned chocolate icing.

Next, I used the center piece round taken from the top layer of the cake (cut into cubes) and a batch of homemade chocolate icing to fill in the hole and that helped to create a spill of gooey goodness.

The ugly oil spill cake.

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