April 15, 2010

Places and Things!

                                       photo by Joy Peterson

                    Kershaw County Farmer's Market - Camden, SC
                                             April 10, 2010

Last Saturday I visited our local Farmer's Market on opening day. The selections were great and I'm looking forward to a trip to the market each week. We bought cantaloupe, onions, squash, cucumbers and a loaf of wheat sourdough crusty bread. The cantaloupe was sweet and tasty. The onions were sharp and crisp as they should be and I've yet to cook or serve the other goodies. We will be cooking the squash and a few onions together soon. Everyone in the house loved the crusty bread!

This photo is from a two minute video of the market I took from across the road. I wanted to capture a first impression of the market but was so excited to see what they had to offer that I forgot to. This was taken just as we were leaving. I took stills from the video and created this one as a black and white with a light soft focus.
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